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Business profile

I am an enthusiastic and ambitious entrepreneur who sees opportunities where other sees closed doors. I like to explore and get creative, and I feel the best when I am surrounded by nature. 

My strengths lie within management, customer experience, travel consultancy, communication and the outdoor. I aim at following these words in work as well as private life:  

The will to stand out - Exceeding expectations - Courage to do what I believe in

I thrive in a transparent and motivating work environment, and I believe that efficiency and high quality comes from passion and motivation. 

Destination Manager, First Camp Kärradal - Varberg

​December 2021 - 

  • Main responsible for the running, sales and the results of the campground all year round 

  • Responsible for recruiting and managing the staff; managers, receptionists, cleaners and janitors 

  • Guest satisfaction and improvement of customer experience 

  • Development of the campground, implementing new investments, managing yearly renovations  


Site Manager, Göteborgs Camping Lilleby

​June 2021 - December 2021

  • Responsible for the daily running of the camp all year round 

  • Responsible for the staff; receptionists, cleaners and janitors 

  • Recruitment of seasonal staff and responsibility of introduction to the seasonal staff

  • Guest satisfaction and improvement of customer experience 

  • Administrative tasks; Ekonomi, budget planning, sales, schedule planning 

  • Marketing; Digital markering, content, SEO, SoMe

  • Statistics and analytics 

  • Development of the campground 

Content Writer/SEO Specialist, Noor Digitalbyrå AB

​December 2020 - July 2021

  • SEO research and analysis for a wide range of customers 

  • Compilation of SEO texts on-page and off-page

  • Linkbuilding on-page and off-page 

  • Translation (DA/SE/EN)

CEO and co-owner, Sne&Sol ApS            

​July 2018 - October 2020

Sne&Sol ApS was the result of me and my business partner's passion for skiing, the Dolomites and the travel industry. Many years of working as ski guides in The Dolomites gave us a solid knowledge of the ski area, the locals, arranging ski holidays and what ski guests wanted and expected from a ski holiday in Canazei. 

The main values of Sne&Sol was knowledge, personality, transparency and customized ski holidays to Canazei, Italy. 

After two successful years with a growth of 100% the corona-virus hit the world and we decided to stop in time and focus on other aspects of life. 

  • Planning and preparation of active travels to the Dolomites 

  • Communication and marketing, including PR, SoMe, SEO texts, link building, blog texts, newsletters etc. 

  • Customer support via phone, mail, social media and live on the destination 

  • Project development, new ideas, opportunities and travels/products 

  • Recruitment of seasonal staff and responsibility for introduction of new staff 

  • Design of web page for inspiration, information and booking of active holidays 

  • Collaboration with local partners, hotels, ski-passes, ski rental, restaurants etc. 

  • Administration, CRM, logistics of transportation

Click here to see a small bit of the webpage that I created for Sne&Sol

Content Writer, Partnertekst ApS

​June 2018 - April 2020

  • Compilation of various kinds of Danish texts to a wide range of customers

  • Writing of user guides, link building and onsite texts   

  • Translating onsite texts (DA/EN)

Camp Manager, Lapoint Surfcamp, Sri Lanka

​February 2017 - August 2017

  • Responsibility for all aspects of the camp, including but not limited to guest relations, economy reports, booking management and contract negotiation

  • Responsibility for local and foreign employees, training of new employees and much more   

  • Designing, production and sale of merchandise 

  • Organisation and sale of excursions for the guests at the camp

Letter of recommendation (PDF)

Travel Consultant, Sunweb, Sundio Group 

May 2016 – Feb 2017 

  • Consulting Danish customers on charter and ski travels to destinations all over Europe 

  • Creating offers and communicating with the customers about their wishes 

  • Sale of various package deals to destinations all over Europe 

  • Completing bookings in Davinchi Genesis 

  • Great insight in advanced booking systems

  • Conflict management

Communication and Marketing Associate, Snowminds & Skimundi

​July 2015 - December 2015

  • Writing and preparing press releases and collecting press material 

  • Producing various content, destination descriptions, SoMe, onsite texts etc. to and 

  • Working with marketing for SoMe including but not limited to Google Ads and SEO 

  • Translation (English/Danish/German) onsite texts and legal documents

  • Insights in starting a company and working as a start up 

Letter of recommendation (PDF) 

Ski Guide, Canazei, Italien                   

Winter season 14/15, 17/18, 18/19 and 19/20 

  • Taking care of the guests on the destination, making sure their holiday is the best possible in all aspects 

  • Plan and execute ski excursions around the mountains and events during the evenings 

  • Arrange ski passes, accomodation, transportation and weekly program for the guests 

  • Conflict management with guests and partners 

  • Intro/information meeting for the guests on arrival day 

  • Logistics of luggage handling and transfers



Mother Tongue, advanced and professional level written and spoken



High, professional and advanced level written and spoken



High level written and spoken


Mediocre level written and spoken



Mediocre level written and spoken


Basic level written and spoken


Basic level written and spoken


Given upon request


Office 365 






Business profile
Work experience

International Master’s Degree ‘Cand.mag. Tourism’, Aalborg University, Copenhagen     

2015 - 2017 



  • Consumer Studies in Tourism 

  • Culture and Cultural Encounters in Tourism 

  • Strategic Management of Tourism Organizations 

  • Global Tourism Development 

  • Change Management in Tourism Organizations 

  • Digital Methods in Tourism 

  • Tourism Experiences and Market Communication 

  • Tourism Policy and Destination Development 


  • Prey for Money - Investigating Trophy Hunting in South Africa in the Perspective of Danish Travel Agencies

  • How Smart is the Smart Bike? - Investigating the Bycyklen Experience as Product Innovation Within Tourism

  • La Vida Surf, Taghazout, Morocco - Redesigning La Vida Surf’s business model through sustainable activities and a responsible mindset.

Master Thesis: 

  • So, to Whom do the Waves Belong? - A Discussion on Localism, Identity and Otherness in the Surf Culture of Sri Lanka


Bachelor’s Degree ‘Spanish and English International Business Communication’, Aarhus University, Business and Social Sciences        

​2011 - 2014



  • Spanish / English 

  • Economics

  • Organisational Behaviour 

  • Cultural Studies 

  • British Culture and Society 

  • English in Use 

  • Spanish Communication and Society

  • Language Structures and Business Communication

  • Specialist Text Production and Export Marketing

  • American Culture and Spanish Communication and Intercultural Competence

  • Linguistic Structures and LSP Translation

  • Text Production for Business 

  • Fotografía 

  • Interpretación 

  • Comunicación corporativa 

  • International Market Communication

  • Introdución América Latina 

  • Persuasion 

  • Spanish for Science and Technology

  • Introduction to Legal English in the Marketplace

Bachelor project: 

  • Exploring Brokeback Mountain: Aspects of Film Reviews, Queer Identity and Self-Identity

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